Why is Crowdtesting so strictly connected to Digital Design Days?

Why is Crowdtesting so strictly connected to Digital Design Days?

The fifth edition of DDD represents a global meeting point for Digital Design professionals from all around the world. AppQuality, Italian leader of Crowdtesting, could not miss it.

Milan, October 7th, 2019

AppQuality, the scale-up leader of Crowdtesting in Italy, is officially sponsoring the 5th edition of Digital Design Days: three days that gather the most creative professionals and the most innovative brands to grow business through digital design thinking.

The scale-up tests apps, websites, chatbots, IoT devices and any other digital products through leverage on a community of testers (Crowd) that counts 250,000+ reachable testers worldwide, a network of certified UX researchers and a team of Quality Leaders (or PMs), responsible for the success of each project. Crowdtesting allows companies to get bug-free apps and improve the UX thanks to a suite of services that bring customers’ end-users into the development process (both before and after the release). AppQuality works with B2C and B2B companies in many different verticals (from banking to e-commerce, from insurance to retail) and has already gained the trust of valued customers such as PayPal, Best Western, Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, Autogrill, Sisal, Enel and many more.

Since Digital Design Thinking is one of the core themes of DDD, AppQuality could not help but notice the natural connection with Crowdtesting. When talking about digital, it is impossible not to think of the fundamental role of the user experience of any digital products. In fact, bugs and usability frictions cause a decrease in conversion rate, an increase in the cart abandonment rate and even clients switching to the competition. These issues can be caused by the frustration of using a non-functioning app or website: it is a fact that 84% of users won’t use an app twice if it failed once (source: Techcrunch). This is where AppQuality saw a connection with Crowdtesting, the tool that allows bug finding and UX improvement.

Crowdtesting also fits perfectly with Design Thinking, because it can be used in every stage of DT development to add valuable advantages. Luca Gastaldi, researcher at Politecnico di Milano and
Co-Director at the Observatory of Design Thinking for Business, wrote that

“companies that consistently use crowdtesting with Design Thinking benefit from: an app built in the consumers’ context of use, which leads to more natural feedbacks [...]; the possibility of engaging testers from specific targets [...] and a higher speed of test execution (even a few hours)”

Finally, AppQuality’s sponsorship of DDD is crucial to reiterate the fundamental role of Crowdtesting when it comes to innovation and quality of digital products.

AppQuality was founded in 2015 by Luca Manara, Edoardo Vannutelli e Filippo Renga, who came up with the idea when researching the most advanced mobile technologies at the MobileLab, research lab at Politecnico di Milano. Today AppQuality counts 2 offices: one in Cremona at the CoBox and one in Milan, in Polihub, certified hub of the Politecnico di Milano.


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